About Save the Shores

Save the Shores is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of Redwood Shores residents fighting to preserve Redwood Shores’ wildlife, environment, and community. Our core initiatives consist of: 

      • Advocating for the Shores levees to be mitigated to combat rising sea levels,
      • Ensuring our endangered species and wildlife remain protected, and
      • Educating the community on the significance of climate change in the area and what measures people can take to support our environment.


The purpose of Save the Shores is to preserve and promote inhabitant benevolence, environmental balance, and ecological health and integrity around Redwood Shores, California.


The mission of Save the Shores is to bring together a network of scientists, citizen scientists, environmental enthusiasts, and individuals dedicated to assisting in our mutual effort for ecological protection, including mitigating sea-level rise and flood threats. Through collective effort, we educate others on identified negative human impacts and advocate solutions that protect and restore our natural habitat.

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